Standing The Test of Time

So it’s been two and a half months since the break-up. So I’m not ready to take the road test quite yet. I had a lesson last week didn’t do well. Probably over the course of a few more months I need to brush up on it. Recently I went to a health fair at a church on Sunday and a guy gave me his number. Decided not to call because it’s too soon, plus it’s going to be the same tired mess, but nice to know I still got it.

This time to myself is to figure myself out and find out what I really want. Plus I’m in no place to date at all. No job, no license, and no balance. That’s totally out of the question getting to a place of peace is not easy.

He’s allowed to be happy without me and only I am responsible for my happiness. Life is filled with many lessons and I’m still learning how to handle minor road blocks without having a tantrum. I’m a grown woman and shouldn’t be reacting that way.

Being mad and angry is a waste of energy, too much of that in the world already. Still forgiving myself and being a little lighter on myself. No one is perfect all we can do is hope for the best.

It’s time to find out why my relationships fail and the best one I can work on is the one I have myself and those who care about me the most. Wishing everyone peace and happiness.