Non-Verbal learning Disorder and Dating

Well I managed to sabotage another relationship. Having NVLD is a rough wave to ride. Especially dating in 2016. When I got mad I made a stupid mistake, and posted about it on social media that was the tip of the ice berg. Forgiving myself day by day.

What I have learned is that for a woman like me who has this severe learning disorder is to take things slow. I can sometimes be impulsive. All I can do is correct my pattern and change the error of my ways. At 32 I still don’t know what I want or what the hell I’m doing.

Some positives are I’m finally taking the driving lessons, and moving forward with my independence even it means doing it alone. Life is a journey and it’s filled with lesson after lesson. I am ambitious and I keep going until I make an accomplishment.

I’ve dealt with so many emotional hardships and challenges that I can’t even accept the good that I have which is a serious problem. Non-verbal learning disorder is too much to  explain. But for me my weakest point is communicating clearly and I’m very scattered brained, and have a hard time seeing the big picture.

As I explained in a previous blog I was diagnosed at 28 so my decision now is to just be myself and not date. This person I felt like was good and true and everything I was looking for. I can’t feel that way again.

For now I need to grow into my adulthood, get my license, find a job, and try to stay afloat for as long as I can stand.




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