Deceleration of Independence

Life has bit me in the ass once again I can’t blame no one but myself.  I’m taking  it take as a lesson.. There’s so much fear brewing up in my mind. I need to be careful of my thoughts because I should know by now that thoughts are powerful.

Recently gone through another lesson of allowing my insecurities taking a turn for the worst. Currently taking my driving lessons, and I’ll admit I’m still a little fearful of being behind the wheel. But I really need to let that shit go.

At my age it shouldn’t be that serious. I have been through many things and driving is something that I have to do. Being afraid is not gonna fly,  last year I was allowed to be afraid because of the challenges I’ve endured with my health.

This is my fucking life and it’s time to take charge. My mind can sometimes go dark and it feels like I can’t get anywhere. I know I am responsible for my happiness, and confidence. Somehow I got lost, but it’s time to get back on track, and find myself  again.

Time to take care of myself and not get distracted on the way. I have lost focus in some ways and I’m not as sharp as I used to be, but it’ll take time to grow out of the haze and get to a place of common sense. So it’s time for me to unlearn negativity and learn positivity.




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