Nora Ephron Doc

Writers come in different forms and styles. Nora Ephron definitely did it all when it came to writing. She wrote plays, books, and screenplays. Before she did those things she became a journalist for Esquire. I recently watched a documentary about her on HBO. According to those her knew her she took charge on everything she did.

My dream is to become a great writer and be well known. I know I can no longer be fearful of how long this process takes.  The Nora Ephron documentary is fantastic. They profile some of her movies, books, plays, articles, and essays.

The way people spoke about her was very honest, and didn’t sugar coat it at all. She had a determination to create she didn’t allow others to step over her. My goal is to become a well known author. Possibly an essayist, and explain interesting topics that interests me, but to stay within the times as well.

I’m getting off topic here, the Nora Ephron documentary was done by her son Jacob Bernstein. He interviewed her closest friends and family of course and they explain her work and her zest for life and control. I give the documentary 4/5 stars for content, and candor that was expressed. Highly recommended it and I guarantee you will smile, cry, and feel inspired. It is on HBO.




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