I have been interning five days a week, and it’s been really tough, but doing the best I can. The fatigue is really what gets me the most, but the director is starting to understand that it’s a real issue which is good. She has the statement needed in case I am not feeling well.

From this day forth, this will be my last rest day I have to push through and set a day over the weekend to rest and pace myself. Five days a week plus PSC can be pretty dire. However my family, and the support group has kept me going.

I have to remember to watch my thoughts because they affect how I feel, but it does get hard and exhausting to stay positive even through the pain. I will continue to meditate and live a balanced life. Here are some photos of life with PSC but it didn’t stop me. The first picture is me in my last treatment a few months ago.



dragon con


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