This is PSC awareness week and it’s where members of the PSC support group share ┬ástories, and spread the word about how important this illness needs to get funded. PSC stands for┬áprimary sclerosing cholangitis and it’s a chronic disease that damages the bile ducts, and scars the liver. Back in November of last year I noticed some weird stomach pains, and it felt really bad and horrible. Then in January I was diagnosed with this disease. It’s a struggle sometimes.

My symptoms are fatigue, random stomach pains, forgetfulness, and itchiness. I have to remember that PSC doesn’t have me and one of our slogans is F**** PSC! It can’t have me and I know I’m meant to do great things, but may have to struggle a little. It is an invisible disease but we occasionally feel pain.

To find out more information please check out and It needs to go viral in terms of the disease getting funded and researched. The awareness for PSC began yesterday and ends on the 27th.