Changing with The Seasons

These few weeks have been getting better.  I can say I’m handling it much better than I was a few months ago. April is going to a busy month for me volunteering, auntie duty, and I have a major procedure on the 13th and then traveling to a conference on the 25th!

The support group has helped me through a lot and of course my family. But talking to others who deal with the same issues as you makes things much easier. There were many times where I felt depressed and uncertain of what to do. I tend to be over-dramatic but that’s just me. Writing is something that was encouraged by parents early on and it has gotten me through some unbelievable events. Break-ups. grief, depression, and weight issues.

Inspiring at least one person through means I’ve  done my job. I can sometimes be too much when it comes to wanting to be accepted by others. Then I remember that what matters is what I feel about myself. Writing is something that helps me escape from the hustle and bustle of daily routines.

I’m learning to change with the seasons and Spring to me is a chance to start over and to move forward fearlessly. Being around more positive people has definitely changed my perspective on how to handle challenges. Yes I have challenges but doesn’t everybody?

It does take a lot to be optimistic sometimes especially when hearing the doctors through worse case scenarios like oh I’m concerned you’ll get cancer, or get this or that. That was a few months ago and by the pep talks I’ve gotten I’ve learned to tune that out.

Positivity is so important when going through heavy challenges. Although I am dreading the procedure next month I will keep going no matter the roadblocks. This Friday I will be volunteering with pre-k children. So excited!! That brings me so much joy to help children learn.


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