So I went to see my nutritionist to get an ion cleanse and I feel so much better! She added more homeopathic methods to my protocol. They have been helping, and the next step is getting better sleep. My joints feel so much better, and my mind is not dark like it was before. My Mom and I found a doctor that specializes in my condition and I go to St. Joseph’s next month to explore other options. Now it’s up to me to change my attitude and outlook on fighting this condition.

There are times when I grow mentally and physically tired but I have time to rest as much as possible, time to write, time to be around family and friends; and time to find out how I can stay energized on a daily basis. Self motivation is something that takes a little while with me especially since I am a late bloomer and always need to know why.

I constantly analyze a lot of the situations I’m in and try to understand it, but this is a big deal of what I’m dealing with now. Getting my mind back on track is a journey, and it’ll be a long road. If I can figure out how to stay on track without going crazy then I’m in it for the long haul. Finding inner peace will be my greatest reward.


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