Nostalgia Friday time!!!(Nerd edition)

As this week comes to a close I would like to say T.G.I.F.  I remember being a kid in the 90’s and looking forward to T.G..F. on ABC. The line up was always great. The show that holds dear to my heart is Boy Meets World, as an adult I still remember most of the character names. Cory Matthews, Tapagana Lawerence, Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews, and Morgan Matthews, of course there is Mr. Feeny. I watched a lot of TV growing up because I was mainly shy and weird. I did have a few neighborhood friends.

If you remember the 90’s well cable was where it’s at!  I remember talking to some classmates about what happened on BMW. (Boy Meets World) It was like a drama/comedy for young kids. I’ll admit I did grow out of it over time, but remember catching the later seasons in high school. Back tracking a little bit I remember watching The dinosaurs as well when it came on the line up and of course Family Matters. The 90’s were a simple time before worrying about bills, and graduating from college which will happen for me next year.

I remember always being outside, playing  games mainly Solitare and Pacman on my Hewlett Packard. Those were the good old days. Now my dream is to become a professional blogger, and to earn money, possibly even have my own social network .But I digress I’m doing this because it’s a time for me to escape and remember. What were your favorite things to do as a kid in the 90’s? Comment below.


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