Since the news I got from my last doctor’s visit I’ve been trying to get back on my game.  My friend invited me to her birthday party this weekend. Luckily I haven’t been having those intense stomach pains for the past three days. That’s a record for me so I’m grateful. Didn’t do much today but thinking a lot about how I need to use this time to get back into balance.

I normally don’t like the party scene,but it sounds like it’s a small gathering, and I’ll do my best to enjoy. This will be a chance for me to escape and celebrate with girlfriends. That is so important especially during a health crisis. I haven’t been out in a long while.  Looking forward to getting paid next month, and that’s when I’ll splurge the most.

Earlier I was looking back on my health report from a different doctor I haven’t been exercising, doing acupuncture or going to bed at the same time nightly. So besides the writing taking care of my emotional health is important too. Being stressed is what triggers my inflammation.

Maybe I’ll do a report after the party and write about how shy and reserved people like me can survive at parities. It just really depends on how it’s panned out.  What I have learned is I keep wasting time and allowing my fear to have more power. That’s dangerous because the more fear I have the quicker the illness will progress. I don’t want that so I’m looking forward to Saturday to be the wild one for a change!


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