Newsroom Summary of Amen and Bullies

  AMEN: Greetings fellow readers, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Here is a summary of the recent episodes of Newsroom. This show Newsroom is about a cable news network called ACN and it’s trying to have better content in order to boost ratings. Jeff Daniels plays Will Mcavoy who is the news anchor of News Night. In the episode of Amen Will covers the historic event of Egypt’s uprising. This event happened in the winter of 2011, and the purpose of the unrest was to eject the president Mubarak. He is considered a dictator and was responsible for major corruption in Egypt. In this episode I was hoping that someone would say Egypt is in east Africa instead of the middle east, but that didn’t happen. One of my favorite characters Neil played by Dev Patel found an Egyptian native, who has been filming and blogging the events happening in Tariq square where the major protests took place. They hire him to get exclusive coverage. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Jim not to stand up her roommate on Valentine’s Day, and of course he forgets. 

Lisa who is Maggie’s roommate storms in and calls him out, he apologizes and all is well. In the news world Neil is worried that he hasn’t heard back from Amen, and they track him down. Back tracking a little bit one of their news anchors Elliot was in Egypt covering the story. He was harmed but made it back safely, next Will has a meeting with a shady tabloid lady who claims herself as a journalist. She threatens Will and his staff and says that she won’t do anything unless he pays her. But he stands up for himself and his staff, and doesn’t pay her but he warns her that he will ruin her if she tries anything. At the end, the staff hears about what happened and they donate checks for Will to pay the evil tabloid lady so that no harm will be done. Lastly, Neil finally got in touch with his friend Amen and all is well. I enjoyed this episode because the characters showed different sides of themselves especially Will. Will is usually ranting, and just not a nice guy to any of his staff members. That was lovely to see so I give this 5/5 for great performances and excellent pace. 


BULLIES: In this episode Will goes bat shit crazy and he tells Mac that it’s lack of sleep. In the beginning he stumbles his words and  instead of saying thank you for watching us he says thank you for washing us. Will slipped up like this before in the fist episode where he was participating in a panel discussion. During the discussion he was incoherent. He goes to see the therapist, as advised by Mac and he appears to have a body guard with him who is played by Terry Crews. He unwillingly goes in because the therapist is 29 and the son of the original psychologist he wanted to see. So Will explains to the doctor about his stressful week and he proves as to why he’s a spiteful person. In the beginning he bullies one of the assistants working for Rick  Santorum during an interview. Mac advises him to stop but he keeps on going. I don’t want to repeat what he stated because it was a bit offensive but I will say that it was nice to see a real dialogue instead of the love triangles. Meanwhile we get to see more of Sloan and she interviews two people that are in Japan on air but treats them harshly. Her performance was really well done and I’m glad she got more air time. I would like to see the black actors on the show get a story line as well. Any who she is interviewing them about the reactors that went off in Japan. She has a meltdown and of course Charlie has a hissy fit and goes ballistic on her. But she stands up for herself I got to give Sam Waterston his props because he doesn’t act like Mr. Mcoy at all. He plays a real prick on this show, and most actors that have played one character on a popular series for many years doesn’t know how to switch. In the romantic world, Mac still bugs Will about their past relationship, and she accuses him of not having any intention of marrying her. Little did we know he pulls out a ring from his drawer and shows it to her. She is stunned and tells him that’s a great ring for some lucky woman to get one day.   Also Will got a death threat and that makes him more stressed than ever before. Sloan is packing up but she has one last thing to do back tracking for a second. When she was speaking to a man in Japan about the reactors he told her it was seven and not five. Moving forward so before she walks out Charlie tells her that it was indeed seven and then this blows my mind he wants her to lie on the air and apologize. At the end Will is in the therapy session finished with his story about his stresses at work, and gets something for his sleeping problems. The therapist recommends that he comes back. I give this episode 4/5 stars for great acting, story line, and direction.