Nostalgia Friday: Sixteen Candles

Well since my birthday is coming up in two weeks I decided to do a review of Sixteen Candles. Sixteen Candles came out in 1984 which is the same year I was born, and it was written and directed by John Hughes. John Hughes was a big name for teens and young adults in the 80’s, the way he wrote his stories spoke to me. He understood what life was like as a teenager. In Sixteen Candles, a girl named Samantha Baker has a crush on a senior named Jake.

When we first see Sam she is on the phone talking to one of her friends, she looks at herself in the mirror and says: “Chronologically you’re 16 today physically you’re 15. (sighs) hopeless. Then, she goes downstairs and her family forgets her birthday. She is hurt that they forgot, and they are so caught up in her older sister’s wedding which is in a couple of days. Meanwhile in homeroom she gets a note that asks her questions about what her ideal boyfriend would be like. Her friend who is sitting behind her falls asleep, and she tries to pass the note, but it falls to the floor.Jake picks it up but we all know that he read it.

To fast forward a bit she decides to go to the school dance and she runs into the geek again who is played by Anthony Michael Hall. She dismisses him and he is dismayed by her rejection, then Jake asks the geek if she went with him.  Finally the geek tells Sam that Jake does like her and wants to get to know her.

The wedding is here and her sister is high of medicine because of well “mother nature” the most ironic thing ever. When the ceremony is over Jake meets Samantha there and she is surprised but happy to see him. She goes to her house and her birthday cake is there lit with sixteen candles. They share a kiss. I give this movie 9/10 for great story line, romance, and comedy. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie is that he didn’t show up until the end. If I could wish anything for my birthday it would be to have a little romance, and be able to travel.


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