Nostalgia Friday: Summer Vacations

Hello everyone! Instead of doing a review I decided to share some childhood memories of summer vacation. When you are a kid the summer time was always fun and exciting. The first memory  I have of going out of town was when I went to Hilton Head. That was a magical place because when your small everything looks bigger than usual. I remember very green grass and tall trees, and when I walked barefoot  on the grass it felt like carpet.

When we first got to Hilton Head,  we saw a tree on a car and it was damaged pretty bad. I was a little frightened, but I think the person was okay. After that I remember us checking into a little house, and there were ants everywhere. It was an eventful first day, so my parents called someone to get it taken care of. We didn’t have any problems after that, and so the vacation began.

Once we got settled in,  we went to the beach and it wasn’t far from where we were staying. I remember it being windy  on the beach, and the salt water got into my mouth, but I still enjoyed myself. I was having fun! I was putting my toes in between the sand, walking along the beach with my mom. The water was freezing but I got used it after a while, it was a beautiful warm day. After that we went to a little  shop, and I remember getting an ice cream bar it was chocolate.

We went to the beach several times while we were there, and that was all I can remember. Ever since then I have always loved the ocean. The smell of the salt water, the sound of the waves brushing up against the sand, and collecting sea shells.

My family and I didn’t always go out of town for the summer, but I always did fun things at home too. I remember going to the park or the pool. I remember playing jump rope with my friends, and getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. I also remember just playing outside with them, and then we would come inside and watch nickelodeon.

When I became a little older like 9 I would visit my grandmother, aunts, and cousins in Indiana. We would go the beach, and  being involved in tons of activities  like swimming lessons, but I can’t seem to remember them all. I would celebrate my birthday while being there. So going to Indiana, and Hilton Head are my fondest memories of summer. What are some of your fond memories of summer as a child?


Nostalgia Friday: Sixteen Candles

Well since my birthday is coming up in two weeks I decided to do a review of Sixteen Candles. Sixteen Candles came out in 1984 which is the same year I was born, and it was written and directed by John Hughes. John Hughes was a big name for teens and young adults in the 80’s, the way he wrote his stories spoke to me. He understood what life was like as a teenager. In Sixteen Candles, a girl named Samantha Baker has a crush on a senior named Jake.

When we first see Sam she is on the phone talking to one of her friends, she looks at herself in the mirror and says: “Chronologically you’re 16 today physically you’re 15. (sighs) hopeless. Then, she goes downstairs and her family forgets her birthday. She is hurt that they forgot, and they are so caught up in her older sister’s wedding which is in a couple of days. Meanwhile in homeroom she gets a note that asks her questions about what her ideal boyfriend would be like. Her friend who is sitting behind her falls asleep, and she tries to pass the note, but it falls to the floor.Jake picks it up but we all know that he read it.

To fast forward a bit she decides to go to the school dance and she runs into the geek again who is played by Anthony Michael Hall. She dismisses him and he is dismayed by her rejection, then Jake asks the geek if she went with him.  Finally the geek tells Sam that Jake does like her and wants to get to know her.

The wedding is here and her sister is high of medicine because of well “mother nature” the most ironic thing ever. When the ceremony is over Jake meets Samantha there and she is surprised but happy to see him. She goes to her house and her birthday cake is there lit with sixteen candles. They share a kiss. I give this movie 9/10 for great story line, romance, and comedy. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie is that he didn’t show up until the end. If I could wish anything for my birthday it would be to have a little romance, and be able to travel.


] (Radiohead High and Dry)

Hello and welcome to this week’s t.v. review of Newsroom.  Since I saw the first episode of Newsroom I was hooked.  The acting, story lines, and characters drew me in and the dialogue was fast paced, but by this second episode I understood it.  Okay so let’s get started: this episode starts off with Will in his lavish apartment until the neighbors above him make a ruckus  because they are redecorating their apart. So much so that a piece of a selling falls on his desk. He appears to be reviewing profiles of various producers.

Will has a meet up with Reese which appears to be a little confusing because I couldn’t tell what it was about. So, Charlie wants to put a stop to it, and from that request it seems that Reese has ulterior motives.  Next, Will goes to a meeting and  Mackenzie  played by Emily Mortimer is brainstorming ideas of how ACN can have better content. This episode focuses on the Arizona immigration act SB 1070.It basically consists of: U.S. federal law requires all  over aliens the age of 14 who remain in the United States for longer than 30 days to register with the U.S. government,and to have registration documents in their possession at all times.   So it’s clear that this show is taking place in 2010.

Meanwhile, Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn)  who is a economist joins the team, and Mac complements her on her accomplishment. Sloan tells Mac that she thinks that Will is an asshole for cheating on her. But little do we know that Mac was the one he cheated on him. No sympathy for her character, in a high school cliche way, an email spreads to the whole newsroom, and everyone knows Mac’s secret.

Now Will finds out and he is highly pissed! they have a quick meeting about it, and she tells him that after she cheated, she fell in love with Will. Once again no sympathy for her at all, Will is about to go on air after learning her mistake. He doesn’t go with the advice she gives him over the mic, and the segment goes awry.

Mac gives Will a big speech on how he messed up the show, and she apologizes to him about her wrong -doings in their relationship. She asks him if he’s in or out  (referring to her being his executive producer) he gives her a cold look and walks out. He goes  home, and he finds a gift basket from the neighbors apologizing for the incident.

Margaret makes a mistake and Jim takes the fall for her Mac finds out she seems angry but doesn’t have a meltdown about it.  It’s the end of Friday night, and  Neil  (Dev Patel) asks Jim if he wants to go to the karoke bar and the whole crew goes there to hang out. Maggie is completely drunk, she talks to Don and he supposedly breaks up with her. Jim comforts her but she is drunk out of her mind, so he gets one of the co-workers to take her home. Kind of interesting  that Maggie’s friend’s name is Don. Don appears to be a douche kind of like the Don on Mad Men but you like him anyway because he’s suave. Honestly I want Jim and Maggie to be a couple Jim is handsome, quirky, and smart.  He seems to genuinely care about her.

Finally, Will calls Mac and tells her that he’s in, and I love how Radiohead’s High and Dry plays in the background as Mac and Will are talking on the phone. I think that was a perfect choice of song because of how their relationship ended. I give this episode 4/10 I think this show still has ways to go in terms of what type of show it’s trying to be. But, it is sophisticated, and it does draw the audience into the characters.

Catch Newsroom Sundays @ 10 p.m. on HBO what do you think of the show?