Heartburn: Nora Ephron Tribute Part II

Well here we are again for Nostalgia Friday! A late edition yes but it’ll still be up on time. Although I don’t get much traffic on here, I still write for me. Here it goes, I watched Heartburn on Netflix yesterday a beautiful movie starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. The movie starts off at a wedding and Meryl Streep is making eyes at the Jack Nicholson character, his name is Mark. Her name is Rachel, she asks her friends if he is single. They say he’s famous for it, they are both writers and that’s were they share common ground.

They quickly fall in love with other, and one scene Rachel says she doesn’t believe in marriage. She indicates how awful her first marriage failed. Mark claims he doesn’t believe in marriage either, so what happens? you guessed it they get married. This movie is not what you think when you watch a romance drama. Nora exposes the full truth about what happens when things don’t go well between a couple. Meryl and Jack do a great job, and they have  wonderful chemistry as husband and wife.

. This movie is realistic about what happens with life and love. Sadly this was loosely  based on Nora Ephron’s married  life, but she ends the movie gracefully.  I give this movie 3/5 stars for great performances, beautiful cinematography, and a heart wrenching tale about love and finding yourself.


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