Nora Ephron Tribute

Nora Ephron is a writer for memorable movies such as My Blue Heaven, When Harry Met Sally, Heartburn, and Sleepless in Seattle.   Sadly, she passed away this week at age 71 of Leukemia.  She spoke to women everywhere in When Harry Met Sally. In that movie she explored the possibility of women and men being friends. When it comes to relationships, it seems only logical to be friends first before becoming romantically involved with that person. In When Harry Met Sally, the main characters played by Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, become fast friends and go on a long road trip to New York.  Sally asks Harry if it’s possible for men and women and men can be friends.  Harry tells her it’s impossible because of the way men think. He explains to her that men have one thing on their minds when meeting a woman they find an attractive.  Through- out the movie we see the characters go in and out of relationships and eventually they find each other. This movie is one of the most romantic comedies on earth because it gives single women like me hope. Nora Ephron understood what women wanted to see in films.

Her films were  funny yet heartfelt, and always had an ending that impacted the audience. She paved the way for many other women writers in film today like Lena Dunham who is the writer, producer, director, and actress of the HBO series Girls. Nora is a legend that  will be greatly missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to family, and friends that know her well.  I have read one of her essays in which she explains of what she will miss most in life. I loved how she talked about food, friends, and life in general. In that  essay I felt that the message that she was trying to get across  was  to embrace life, and cherish every moment, even the bad times.  Hats off to you Nora Ephron you will be greatly missed, and thank you for creating that world for us. Her films Sleepless in Seattle and Heartburn is streaming on Netflix. For nostalgia Friday I will review Heartburn I’ve  never seen it.


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