Nostalgia Friday: 90’s Nickelodeon

First order of business I didn’t see any comments on the last blogs but that’s okay. For this edition of nostalgia Friday I want to talk about the 90s. Being a kid in the 90’s was heaven and I remember listening to music that no one else listened to. Let’s just say while everyone else was listening to Immature I was listening to Backstreet Boys. When I got older in the the late 90’s I started getting into the bands Green Day, Dave Matthews Band, and Nirvana. Just to name a few but when I was little I loved looking forward to T.G.I.F. on ABC. I remember watching Boy Meets World, Family Matters,  Full House, and the dinosaurs. I would get so excited to see the line up of those shows and then talk about with my classmates on Monday morning.

Then on Saturday night was SNICK on Nickelodeon and that was always a treat. I remember I would play with my friends outside, and  after a while I would watch SNICK. I remember Rugrats coming on before Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Clarissa Explains It All, and The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Pete and Pete had to be one of my favorites in the line up because it was about the misadventures of an awkward kid. Even though the main character is a boy I could relate to him I remember wearing plaid shirts before the show yes I was young but that’s what I liked to wear except for the summer time. I still look at the show now, and I thought that some of the themes were more adult like. But I loved it dearly because of the off beat jokes, the insults that little Pete made to authority.

My favorite insult would have to be “Blowhole” and “Wax my Nose Hair”!. If you were a kid in the 90’s then you knew who Artie was on the show. The strongest man in the world if that show were out today a lot of parents would find that scenario uncomfortable if you get my drift. Anyway, These were the things I looked forward to in the 90’s and it was heaven I tell you. Great shows, not worrying about getting a job, playing outside hours on end, and great music. Whenever I feel sad or upset I always think back to my childhood and what made me happy. Then it’s back to reality of responsibilities, and taking things more seriously.


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