MAD MEN Commissions and Fees, and The Phantom


Hello again its about that time for another review. This season of Mad Men has been a wild ride, we saw fist fights, affairs, weight watchers, suicide, and infantry landing. Let’s back track to the commissions and fees episode, Lane Pryce was caught forging a signature on a check. He used Don’s name but he never gave them out. Don finds out, and fires him. Lane becomes really depressed and withdrawn about what he’s done.  Meanwhile, Sally Draper decides to be grown and goes over to her fathers apartment while Megan’s there. Don doesn’t find out until later, so when Megan goes out Sally is home alone, and invites Glen over. They go to a museum by themselves, Sally isn’t feeling well, and she later discovers that she’s a woman.  She goes back home to Betty, and they discuss what she is going through. Lane Pryce’s wife buys him a Jaguar and she doesn’t know that he has been fired from the firm. He reluctantly takes the car without telling her the truth. He goes to the office, and writes a letter to his fellow colleagues. Later that morning, Joan finds Lane hanging against the door, and that was his horrible way of getting out. I was actually sad to see that character go. That was definitely a shock value for me. I also enjoyed the scene of Don and Glen exchanging a serious conversation on the elevator. Glen says that he is depressed and when one tries to become happy everything turns to crap. Don tells him that he’s too young to think that way. I’m glad Matthew Wiener decided to keep Glen on the show he is the most interesting. Don allows Glen to drive his car after Don asks him if he could do one thing that would make him happy would it be. That was a nice way to wrap that episode. Now on to last night’s The Phantom episode. Joan and her colleagues try to decide what to do about Lane’s office. She is still distraught about what happened. Elsewhere Megan keeps getting an annoying phone call but no one is responding. Megan’s mother visits, and Megan seems to be acting selfish, and childish when she doesn’t get the part she auditioned for. So she hides the news from Don, and her mother says you shouldn’t hide things from her husband.  Finally we learn that Roger has been the one that has been calling and ends up having an affair with Megan’s mother. Go figure! Megan reluctantly asks Don about the part of a commercial that Don is working on. He looks annoyed by it but he pulls some strings and allows her to do the commercial. To back up a little bit, Don is hallucinating and seeing his dead brother Adam. He has a toothache, and finally goes to the dentist, and he sees his brother again. We see Peggy doing well at her new firm I hope to see more of her next season because her character has developed quite a bit. She goes to the movies, and she runs into Don, and they have a small chit chat. I I want to talk about one more character Pete. Pete has become more and more crazy this season, he has an affair with a young woman who might be a manic depressive but he purses her anyway. He sees her husband on the train again, and they have a fist fight. Pete is always getting into trouble, he visits the woman at the mental facility and she has just had her shock treatment. She remembers nothing about the affair she had with Pete, and so he leaves. In the final scene, Megan is about to shoot the commercial, and once again Don doesn’t seem to care. He goes to the bar area, and he runs into Megan’s friend. She asks him if he’s alone, and he gives that famous look like he’s about to do something dangerous. This seems to be a foreshadow of what to expect for next season. If you watch and adore this show as much as I do please feel free to leave a comment.


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