Heartburn: Nora Ephron Tribute Part II

Well here we are again for Nostalgia Friday! A late edition yes but it’ll still be up on time. Although I don’t get much traffic on here, I still write for me. Here it goes, I watched Heartburn on Netflix yesterday a beautiful movie starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. The movie starts off at a wedding and Meryl Streep is making eyes at the Jack Nicholson character, his name is Mark. Her name is Rachel, she asks her friends if he is single. They say he’s famous for it, they are both writers and that’s were they share common ground.

They quickly fall in love with other, and one scene Rachel says she doesn’t believe in marriage. She indicates how awful her first marriage failed. Mark claims he doesn’t believe in marriage either, so what happens? you guessed it they get married. This movie is not what you think when you watch a romance drama. Nora exposes the full truth about what happens when things don’t go well between a couple. Meryl and Jack do a great job, and they have  wonderful chemistry as husband and wife.

. This movie is realistic about what happens with life and love. Sadly this was loosely  based on Nora Ephron’s married  life, but she ends the movie gracefully.  I give this movie 3/5 stars for great performances, beautiful cinematography, and a heart wrenching tale about love and finding yourself.


Nora Ephron Tribute

Nora Ephron is a writer for memorable movies such as My Blue Heaven, When Harry Met Sally, Heartburn, and Sleepless in Seattle.   Sadly, she passed away this week at age 71 of Leukemia.  She spoke to women everywhere in When Harry Met Sally. In that movie she explored the possibility of women and men being friends. When it comes to relationships, it seems only logical to be friends first before becoming romantically involved with that person. In When Harry Met Sally, the main characters played by Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, become fast friends and go on a long road trip to New York.  Sally asks Harry if it’s possible for men and women and men can be friends.  Harry tells her it’s impossible because of the way men think. He explains to her that men have one thing on their minds when meeting a woman they find an attractive.  Through- out the movie we see the characters go in and out of relationships and eventually they find each other. This movie is one of the most romantic comedies on earth because it gives single women like me hope. Nora Ephron understood what women wanted to see in films.

Her films were  funny yet heartfelt, and always had an ending that impacted the audience. She paved the way for many other women writers in film today like Lena Dunham who is the writer, producer, director, and actress of the HBO series Girls. Nora is a legend that  will be greatly missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to family, and friends that know her well.  I have read one of her essays in which she explains of what she will miss most in life. I loved how she talked about food, friends, and life in general. In that  essay I felt that the message that she was trying to get across  was  to embrace life, and cherish every moment, even the bad times.  Hats off to you Nora Ephron you will be greatly missed, and thank you for creating that world for us. Her films Sleepless in Seattle and Heartburn is streaming on Netflix. For nostalgia Friday I will review Heartburn I’ve  never seen it.


It’s another review for nostalgia Friday!!! I just watched Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, and I must say it was a pleasant surprise. It’s very quiet, it has a decent pace, and it’s funny, so this movie is about a quirky teenager Max Fischer played by a young Jason Schwartzman, and he is involved in a whirlwind of extracurricular activities. He’s in the German club, Astronomy, writes and directs  his own plays, president of the Chess club, french club, and captain of the fencing team. The film had a lot more activities than that but from that list you can tell the character is pretty ambitious.

Max has a crush on the school teacher at Rushmore, and he tries to build her an aquarium in her honor. Unexpectedly she tells Max upfront that he’s too young for him, and that she finds him interesting. Through out the film he tries to pursue her, and it’s obvious that she wants nothing to do with her. This film is very charming and I always enjoy light comedies with quirks. I myself am considered to be a quirky person because I’m the only one out of my circle of friends know who Wes Anderson is. I like indie movies, and listen to unusual music.

I give this film 3/5 stars its a little slow in the beginning but it picks up rather nicely in the middle. After seeing this I got to give Jason Schwartzman props because  all of the other movies I’ve seen him in I couldn’t identify with the character. But with this one I could, minus the compulsive lying, and law breaking. It’s just that his character is different, and he doesn’t have a problem with it.  So if you can tolerate a comedy that’s simple, sweet, and entertaining then this movie is for you.  Thank you for reading, and feel free to comment, and re-blog.

Nostalgia Friday: 90’s Nickelodeon

First order of business I didn’t see any comments on the last blogs but that’s okay. For this edition of nostalgia Friday I want to talk about the 90s. Being a kid in the 90’s was heaven and I remember listening to music that no one else listened to. Let’s just say while everyone else was listening to Immature I was listening to Backstreet Boys. When I got older in the the late 90’s I started getting into the bands Green Day, Dave Matthews Band, and Nirvana. Just to name a few but when I was little I loved looking forward to T.G.I.F. on ABC. I remember watching Boy Meets World, Family Matters,  Full House, and the dinosaurs. I would get so excited to see the line up of those shows and then talk about with my classmates on Monday morning.

Then on Saturday night was SNICK on Nickelodeon and that was always a treat. I remember I would play with my friends outside, and  after a while I would watch SNICK. I remember Rugrats coming on before Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Clarissa Explains It All, and The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Pete and Pete had to be one of my favorites in the line up because it was about the misadventures of an awkward kid. Even though the main character is a boy I could relate to him I remember wearing plaid shirts before the show yes I was young but that’s what I liked to wear except for the summer time. I still look at the show now, and I thought that some of the themes were more adult like. But I loved it dearly because of the off beat jokes, the insults that little Pete made to authority.

My favorite insult would have to be “Blowhole” and “Wax my Nose Hair”!. If you were a kid in the 90’s then you knew who Artie was on the show. The strongest man in the world if that show were out today a lot of parents would find that scenario uncomfortable if you get my drift. Anyway, These were the things I looked forward to in the 90’s and it was heaven I tell you. Great shows, not worrying about getting a job, playing outside hours on end, and great music. Whenever I feel sad or upset I always think back to my childhood and what made me happy. Then it’s back to reality of responsibilities, and taking things more seriously.



I want to take a minute to do a full blog about learning differences. I know this is supposed to be a review blog but I am also using this site to promote my autobiography about my learning differences. I have Non verbal learning disorder, and dyscalulia. It has taking me years to overcome obstacles of dealing with both. It’s still a work in progress, so I will explain to you what these learning differences are. Nonv-verbal learning disorder in a nutshell is a A neurological disorder of the right cerebral hemisphere in which the processing of nonverbal and visual-spatial information is impaired, leading to deficits in balance and coordination, pattern recognition, mathematical ability, and visual memory. For me this means inability to understand the big picture, having balance (LITERALLY) Trying to understand non verbal ques. not able to know my left from right.

I don’t do well in social settings I’m highly sensitive to noise, sight, and sound. People with this disorder also have a strange but strong sense of smell. When I say I’m clumsy I mean that LOL!  I have trouble wearing high hill shoes because of my balance I trip on my feet without it being anything there. Once again this happens because of the imbalance of the  right side of my brain. Being a female I could probably get away with being clumsy. But as a human being it can be extremely embarrassing. I try my best to overcome these obstacles and I want to be able to have a normal life, and be independent. Making friends can be difficult sometimes,but I’m lucky enough to have friends that I can count on my hands. Dating is hard for me sometimes because I’m not that type of girl who can just walk up to a guy I find cute.

I have all of these scenarios about what could go wrong. On to the dyscalulia this disorder is a mathematical issue. I have problems with understanding the greater than and less than symbols, plus and minus, in an equation, and so forth. It took me years of tutoring, and I’m in the last stage of my remedial math. I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 24 so it was like I had to start all over again. Whenever I see stories or articles with people who deal with learning differences I can identify with them because it’s not easy. However the ones that I have are not that mainstream, and that is why I want to write a book about them to share my story. I want to reach out to people who share these same challenges. I am on a facebook support group and interact with the people on there as much as I can because it helps to know someone who is going through the same thing you are. So feel free to comment and ask questions. 

MAD MEN Commissions and Fees, and The Phantom


Hello again its about that time for another review. This season of Mad Men has been a wild ride, we saw fist fights, affairs, weight watchers, suicide, and infantry landing. Let’s back track to the commissions and fees episode, Lane Pryce was caught forging a signature on a check. He used Don’s name but he never gave them out. Don finds out, and fires him. Lane becomes really depressed and withdrawn about what he’s done.  Meanwhile, Sally Draper decides to be grown and goes over to her fathers apartment while Megan’s there. Don doesn’t find out until later, so when Megan goes out Sally is home alone, and invites Glen over. They go to a museum by themselves, Sally isn’t feeling well, and she later discovers that she’s a woman.  She goes back home to Betty, and they discuss what she is going through. Lane Pryce’s wife buys him a Jaguar and she doesn’t know that he has been fired from the firm. He reluctantly takes the car without telling her the truth. He goes to the office, and writes a letter to his fellow colleagues. Later that morning, Joan finds Lane hanging against the door, and that was his horrible way of getting out. I was actually sad to see that character go. That was definitely a shock value for me. I also enjoyed the scene of Don and Glen exchanging a serious conversation on the elevator. Glen says that he is depressed and when one tries to become happy everything turns to crap. Don tells him that he’s too young to think that way. I’m glad Matthew Wiener decided to keep Glen on the show he is the most interesting. Don allows Glen to drive his car after Don asks him if he could do one thing that would make him happy would it be. That was a nice way to wrap that episode. Now on to last night’s The Phantom episode. Joan and her colleagues try to decide what to do about Lane’s office. She is still distraught about what happened. Elsewhere Megan keeps getting an annoying phone call but no one is responding. Megan’s mother visits, and Megan seems to be acting selfish, and childish when she doesn’t get the part she auditioned for. So she hides the news from Don, and her mother says you shouldn’t hide things from her husband.  Finally we learn that Roger has been the one that has been calling and ends up having an affair with Megan’s mother. Go figure! Megan reluctantly asks Don about the part of a commercial that Don is working on. He looks annoyed by it but he pulls some strings and allows her to do the commercial. To back up a little bit, Don is hallucinating and seeing his dead brother Adam. He has a toothache, and finally goes to the dentist, and he sees his brother again. We see Peggy doing well at her new firm I hope to see more of her next season because her character has developed quite a bit. She goes to the movies, and she runs into Don, and they have a small chit chat. I I want to talk about one more character Pete. Pete has become more and more crazy this season, he has an affair with a young woman who might be a manic depressive but he purses her anyway. He sees her husband on the train again, and they have a fist fight. Pete is always getting into trouble, he visits the woman at the mental facility and she has just had her shock treatment. She remembers nothing about the affair she had with Pete, and so he leaves. In the final scene, Megan is about to shoot the commercial, and once again Don doesn’t seem to care. He goes to the bar area, and he runs into Megan’s friend. She asks him if he’s alone, and he gives that famous look like he’s about to do something dangerous. This seems to be a foreshadow of what to expect for next season. If you watch and adore this show as much as I do please feel free to leave a comment.